Strategy Nancy


I believe that for any problem or question, there are usually multiple ways to answer it and as many “right answers” as there are people to consider the question. A strategy is an identified way to move forward based on a set of options. Strategic thinking enables us to figure out how to employ available resources (ideas, people, money, collaborators etc) to achieve a desired outcome.

One of my strengths is the ability to think strategically and successfully apply that thinking to planning and problem solving. Coupled with another strength, resourcefulness, this skill enables me to help you generate options to personal, professional or organizational dilemmas or challenges and then to assist you with identifying a course of action by weighing the pros and cons or projecting future possible outcomes.

Let me help you connect resources with strategies and create successful results for your most challenging situations.


California Alliance for Arts Education (2009-2012), Local Advocacy Network Coordination and Development – San Diego Alliance for Arts Education, Co-Founded with The San Diego Foundation, Chair and Strategist

San Diego Unified School District, Visual and Performing Arts Department (2004-2007)

San Diego Arts Education Partnership – Partnership Coordination and Consultation.