professional development

professional development

One of the paths to organizational success and a strong arts community is the development of its workforce. In the creative industries, our most valuable assets are our human resources. Whether it’s aimed at building personal or professional capacity, an investment in the improvement of knowledge and skills is one that can almost guarantee to pay future dividends. I have developed and facilitated training sessions, published articles and developed handbooks aimed at building a stronger arts and culture workforce.


Arts Extension Service, University of Massachusetts, Amherst/Americans for the Arts (2011), Fundamentals of Strategic and Community Planning for Local Arts Agencies

The San Diego Foundation (2010), Rising Arts Leaders San Diego strategic plan facilitation

Illinois Arts Alliance (2008), Arts Leadership for the 21st Century, Mentoring and Peer Coaching Program Toolkit, Research and Development

Los Angeles County Arts Commission (2007), Facilitator and advisor for Emerging Leaders Creative Conversation

City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture (2005-2007), Emerging Leaders of Arts and Culture Program Consultant

Published Work

Mid-Career Professional Development: Long Term Asset or Short Term Liability (2008)

No Longer Emerging and Not Ready to Retire: A Look at Mid-Career Arts Managers (2008)

Bridging the Generation Gap in Arts and Culture Leadership: Taking the First Steps (2007)

Boomers, XY’s and the Making of a Generational Shift in Arts Management (2006)

Other Research and Writing

Listening to the Next Generation Keynote Address for Facing Pages Literary Conference, NY 2007

Risks that Reward How to Thrive as a First Time Executive Director. In Leading Creatively: A Closer Look, National Association of Media Arts and Culture, CA (2010)

Art Career Cafe

In 2012, the Art Career Cafe was launched to support creative workforce development. It is an interactive source for job listings, resources, career development tools and community. In addition there is a Facebook Group with members from around the nation and Canada who are supportive of one another and the search for meaningful and creative work. Everyone is invited.