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Career Navigation Assistance with is an arts job search and HR resource for the nonprofit arts and culture sector dedicated to helping people put their passions to work.

The Café is an arts job website with a mission to support arts workers and employers with the challenging undertaking of job and/or employee search.

It is an independently owned and managed site that spans all arts disciplines and broadly defines art and creativity in the workforce. All positions are reviewed before they “go live” to ensure relevance to the arts, culture and creative sectors.

Our goal is to support job seekers at all stages and in all types of employment in the creative sector and to provide arts employers with human resources tools that make employee search more manageable.

Our vision is a friendly, easy to search website that speaks specifically to the needs of the non-profit arts and culture sector – ensuring that employers reach those who are qualified and passionate about working in the arts and job seekers find opportunities for which they are passionate and qualified.

If you’re looking for colleagues, career opportunities, consulting projects, paid internships or freelance gigs or have arts job opportunities to post look no further than