Victoria Plettner-Saunders provides navigational services in the form of research, planning and strategy development for the arts and culture community – nonprofit organizations, philanthropic foundations, service organizations, state and local arts agencies and the people who lead them.

We often think that these are things we should be able to do ourselves and many times, we can. But now and again, it’s more productive and less stressful to have help plotting our course from an experienced guide. I’ve been helping arts professionals move their organizations and careers forward in smart, careful and strategic ways since 2005. Let me help you too.

Areas of Expertise

  • Research and Analysis
  • Organizational Planning
  • Strategy Development
  • Professional Development
  • Meeting Facilitation

Special Spheres of Knowledge

  • Emerging and Mid-Career
    Arts Leadership
  • Creative Workforce Development
  • Arts Education
  • Financial Management
  • State and Local Arts Agencies